IRON GLOSS rim cleaner 0.5 liters | fruity raspberry scent

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Our FENIX - IRON GLOSS is an acid-free rim cleaner that we have developed for gentle cleaning of all types of rims. Thanks to its pH-neutral formula, the cleaner can be used on all types of rims. The rim cleaner has a pleasant and fruity raspberry scent , which makes working on the rims more exciting and pleasant. Thanks to its high cleaning performance, the rim cleaner removes the most stubborn deposits in no time and the rims regain their new look and shine!
Thanks to our special gel formula, the cleaner also sticks to places where other rim cleaners cannot even reach. The discoloration of the indicator shows that the dirt is being actively dissolved!

1 . Shake well before use
2 . Spray onto the cool rim and wet completely
3 . Depending on the type of rim, allow it to take effect for approx. 2-4 minutes
4 . The indicator changes to dark red, after which the active reaction ends
5 . Completely remove residues with the water jet
6 . If it is very dirty, repeat the process, using a brush if necessary (Wheely Devil) or rework with brush