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Selection: 13 liters
Color: Black

For everyone who loves clean: Discover our premium car wash set for the perfect hand wash. Ideal for cars and motorcycles and particularly gentle on sensitive surfaces.

✔ High-quality workmanship

✔ Durable & effective, perfect for car washing

✔ Available with a 13 or 19 liter washing bucket

✔ High-quality packaging (also ideal as a gift)

The Exterior Experience Set is presented in the transparent ULTRA CLEAR BLACK EDITION. There are two versions: the small car wash set with 13L and the extended set with a 19L wash bucket. Both offer you 10 selected care products for optimal vehicle care. Our car care set, carefully put together, will make your vehicle shine in a new shine!

Auto Motorrad Wascheimer Putzmittel Flugrostentferner Autoshampoo Sprühwachs Waschhandschuh Mikrofasertuch 840GSM


1 × BLACK EDITION washing bucket (bucket size selectable)
1 × Grit Washing Bucket Insert
1 × Cross Bucket Washing Bucket Lid
1 × Logo Sticker
1 × Round Detailing Brush Cleaning Brush
1 × Caremitt wash mitt
1 × Puffy Towel microfiber cloth 840GSM (textile content: 70% polyester/30% polyamide)
1 × Vampire Liquid rust remover 200ml (also suitable as a rim cleaner)
1 × Snowball car shampoo 200ml
1 × Synthetic Spray Wax spray wax 200ml

Auto wasch set Kfz reinigungsset


🧼 3.5 GAL washing bucket set : The basis is the robust and transparent ULTRA CLEAR BLACK EDITION washing bucket with a capacity of 13 or 19 liters. You also get a matching lid with a screw attachment and a high-quality dirt sieve.

🧼 WASHING & CLEANING : With the Snowball & Vampire you can remove even the most stubborn dirt from your car paint. You can also easily use the Vampire rust remover as a rim cleaner!

🧼 SEALING : Included in the set - the best-selling spray sealant - Synthetic Spray Wax. After preparing the paint, simply spray it on, apply evenly with the puffy towel and then remove the residue with the unused side | 80% polyester - 20% polyamide.

🧼 APPLICATION : Thanks to coordinated products, the car cleaning set is efficient and easy to use! You don't need any other products to make your exterior shine in new splendor.

🌍 QUALITY DIRECT FROM EUROPE: Our products are user-friendly, economical to dose and use innovative manufacturing technologies.

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Sergio M.

Sehr guter Produkt!

Beqir A.

Guete qualität

Beqir A.

Guete qualität

amer s.

gute qualität

Marius H.



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21CARS car wash set for hand washing etc.

In a time when car care means more than just cleaning, 21CARS is setting new standards with the BLACK EDITION car wash set. With well-thought-out components such as the BLACK EDITION washing bucket, the Snowball car shampoo or the Puffy Towel microfiber cloth, hand washing becomes a special experience. No matter whether you are looking for a car wash set for your car or a motorcycle wash set for your bike – this set meets the highest demands.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the washing set delights car and motorcycle enthusiasts because it is both gentle on sensitive surfaces and extremely long-lasting and effective. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of vehicle care with 21CARS and convince yourself of the outstanding quality.