SPEED GLOSS Quick Detailer 1.0L | Mango and apricot

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Our FENIX - SPEED GLOSS is the optimal solution for removing light dust and dirt. The detailer leaves, thanks to his shine-enhancing Additives, a nice one Deep shine on the paint or on shiny foils . The Speed ​​Gloss is characterized by its long-lasting Water-repellent behavior off, as well as one fruity fresh scent which is reminiscent of mango and apricot.
The detailer is ideal for use at day meetings, multi-day events, trade fairs or for car dealerships for their exhibition vehicles.

Also suitable for wrapped vehicles ( not matt )!

1 . Shake well before use
2 . Spray generously onto a suitable cloth/applicator sponge (finisher - finish cloth / 40x40)
3 . Spread over the area with an applicator sponge/microfiber cloth
4 . Let absorb
5 . Polish with a second clean microfiber cloth until no residue is visible.