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21CARS® Foam Party | Spray Bottle for Active Foam - Optimized for the Perfect Car Wash

The 21CARS® Foam Party spray bottle for active foam is your indispensable companion for effective and gentle car washing. This specially designed spray bottle is perfectly calibrated to evenly distribute the active foam on your vehicle, providing optimal foam formation for thorough cleaning.

- Optimized Foam Distribution: The spray bottle is specially designed for use on cars, ensuring even foam distribution.
- Easy Handling: Thanks to its ergonomic design, the spray bottle is lightweight and comfortable to use.
- Standard Foam Nozzle: The included foam nozzle is optimized for car washing and delivers excellent performance.

Content and Application

  1. Fill the spray bottle with cleaning solution and water according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Spray the foam evenly onto the vehicle surface.
  3. Let the foam sit briefly to loosen dirt.
  4. Rinse the vehicle with water or use a wash mitt for thorough cleaning.

1 × Foam Party Spray Bottle
1 × Replacement Seals
1 × Foam Pads for Foam Regulation

🌍 Discover the finest products from 21CARS® – developed and tested by us for easy cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle.

The 21CARS® Quality

Our foam spray bottle not only represents quality and efficiency but also innovation in car care. Crafted from up to 90% recycled plastic, it ensures long-lasting durability.

Its premium, thick material makes the bottle extremely robust, even against falls or tipping.

Trust 21CARS® for gentle and thorough cleaning.

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