Car washing in your own parking lot: What needs to be taken into account legally

Autowäsche auf dem eigenen Parkplatz: Was rechtlich zu beachten ist


Many car owners consider washing their vehicle in their own parking lot to save time and money. But before you get out the garden hose and start washing your car, you should consider the legal aspects. In this article we will look at the most important legal points that you should pay attention to when washing your car in your own parking lot in order to avoid unwanted fines or problems.


The Water Protection Act plays a crucial role when it comes to washing cars in your own parking lot. According to this law, it is prohibited to discharge or seep into bodies of water any substances that can contaminate water. If the water can seep into your parking lot, you should avoid using cleaning products, including shampoo. Even if the product is advertised as biodegradable, there is still a risk of a penalty. To avoid this, you should use a professional car wash instead.

If your parking lot is connected to a system that sends wastewater into two separate sewer systems, you may have a little more leeway. However, it is advisable to consult with your municipality to ensure that your connection to the wastewater sewer system complies with local regulations. It is possible that additional water protection regulations must be observed.

It is also advisable to check local police regulations as they may impose restrictions on washing cars in your own parking lot during lunch and night hours and on Sundays. Such regulations can also be set out in house rules. Therefore, find out in advance to avoid problems.

Water shortages may occur, especially in the summer, and your community may limit car washing according to its water regulations. In such cases, it is advisable to look for alternative methods of vehicle cleaning in order to reduce water consumption and conserve resources.


Before you wash your vehicle in your own parking lot, it is important to consider the legal aspects. The Water Protection Act, local police regulations and possible water shortages can influence car washing in your own parking lot. To avoid unwanted penalties or problems, it is advisable to consider alternative solutions such as visiting a professional car wash that complies with legal regulations and environmental protection measures. This way you can ensure that your car wash is both practical and legally correct.

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