The 21CARS® Story

The Origin

Clear visions, expert knowledge and passion for automobiles: If you wanted to describe the man in his mid-20s, these terms would best describe it. The fans of automobiles were the driving force from the beginning. Joel, the founder, developed his passion for motorsports in his childhood.

What do we do?

21CARS® designs and manufactures bespoke automotive-themed watches , crafted with great attention to detail and using the finest materials. We are also the market leader for license plate holders . We plan to further expand our watches and product range according to your ideas.

Every beginning is difficult

In 2021, Joel founded 21CARS® with his own CNC machine and a clear goal in mind. With a lot of passion and expertise, he started his company specializing in the production of CNC parts. The road to success was rocky, but his enthusiasm for his work drove him forward. He developed license plate holders for Swiss license plates and successfully launched them onto the market in 2021.

Picking up Pace

In 2022, Joel expanded his offering and launched his first unique watches. The watches, which imitate real rims, were a hit with car fans and lovers of high-quality watches. Demand continued to grow and Joel invested in new technology and people to maximize success.

a new chapter

2023 marks a new chapter for 21CARS®. After the successful launch of his rim watches, Joel expanded his offering. Customers can now create their own watch with their desired design and receive step-by-step instructions to realize their creation. The company has found its place in the industry and does everything it can to offer its customers a unique experience.

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