The perfect exterior cleaning with our new ceramic shampoo from 21Cars

Die Perfekte Exterior Reinigung mit Unserem Neuen Keramik Shampoo von 21Cars

Cleaning the exterior of a car is more than just cosmetic - it's about protecting and maintaining the long-lasting shine of your vehicle. If you're looking for an advanced cleaning product that will take your car's shine to the next level, then our new Ceramic Shampoo from 21Cars is for you. In this blog post you will learn everything about the benefits and correct use of this innovative product.

1. Maximum cleaning power for the best shine

Our ceramic shampoo has been specially developed to effectively remove dirt, dust and impurities without damaging the paint. The unique formula cleans thoroughly and leaves a flawless surface ready for the next steps of paint care.

2. Protection through ceramic technology

The highlight of our ceramic shampoo is its innovative ceramic technology. When washing, a thin layer of ceramic is placed on the paintwork, forming a protective barrier. This barrier protects against harmful environmental influences such as UV rays, dirt and light scratches.

3. Easy to use for great results

Using our ceramic shampoo is incredibly easy. Mix the shampoo with water according to the instructions and apply to the wet car. Using a soft wash mitt or microfiber cloth, distribute the shampoo evenly over the surface. Then rinse thoroughly to activate the ceramic coating.

4. Long-lasting shine and protection

The shampoo's ceramic coating not only provides an immediate effect, but also provides long-term shine and protection. Your vehicle will retain its shine longer and be better protected from the elements.

5. Combination with other care products

Our ceramic shampoo harmonizes perfectly with other cleaning products from 21Cars. After cleaning, you can use our ceramic sealant or ceramic spray to further enhance protection.

Give your vehicle the shine it deserves with our innovative ceramic shampoo from 21Cars. Proper exterior cleaning is the first step to a shiny and protected car. Let your vehicle shine in a new light and experience the advantages of modern ceramic technology.

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