Which is the right license plate holder for me?

Welches ist der richtige Kennzeichenhalter für mich?

There are countless license plate holders on the market. Especially in Switzerland is littered with it. Here we have the possibility to use one license plate for several cars. There are dozens of ways to change the license plate number from one vehicle to another. But which sign holder is the right for your application? Here is an overview of the best-selling mounts:

Standard license plate holder


✅ Many mounting options
✅ suitable for every vehicle
✅ License plate is completely enclosed


❌ usually very clumsy
❌ very time-consuming changing of license plates (often only with tools)
❌ unattractive to look at
❌ number that is far away from the vehicle

Click license plate holder


✅ minimalist design - clean look
✅ easy to change license plates
✅ license plate is completely enclosed


❌ sharp edges
❌ often not enough options for fastening
❌ needs an expert opinion (can otherwise lead to problems in police checks)

Velcro license plate holder


✅ very flat number
✅ suitable for every vehicle
✅ extremely nice, clean look
✅ can be fitted without tools


❌ must be glued exactly to the vehicle
❌ time-consuming changing of license plates
❌ must be removed with a hot air dryer

Magnetic license plate holder


✅ Depending on the manufacturer, nothing visible on the vehicle
✅ Suitable for every vehicle
✅ Ultra-fast change of license plates


❌ usually very complex assembly
❌ often very expensive

Why you should buy your license plate holder from us

We are the leading supplier in Switzerland for license plate holder accessories. With us you have a lifetime guarantee on every product. Our license plate holders are designed and designed by ourselves and are produced under strict conditions. This is the only way we can ensure quality. We currently have our own click and Velcro license plate holder in our range. We are constantly expanding our range. However, since this is a very time-consuming process and we set our quality standards very high, it takes time.

We would be happy to list our advantages over the competition again in detail.

Click license plate holder from 21Cars®

✔ with Swiss DTC report available
✔ Available in long format (50cm x 11cm Rear sign)
✔ available in portrait format (30cm x 16cm rear sign)
✔ made of up to 50% recycled plastic
✔ temperature-resistant
simple and safe
✔ minimalist design - clean look
✔ universally applicable
✔ durable
NO 3D printing

Velcro license plate holder from 21Cars®

✔ incl.Accessories
✔ Car wash, UV and weather resistant
✔ Firm hold even after changing 1000 times
✔ super simple Assembling
✔ Extremely clean look without sharp edges
Temperature-resistant from -30°C to +95°C
✔ Suitable for car washes
✔ UV and weather-resistant
extremely firm hold
✔ suitable for all vehicles
✔ no advertising visible

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Jonas F.

Jonas F.

ganz toller Beitrag. Hat mir sehr geholfen. Hab mir den Klick Kennzeichenhalter bestellt. Bin schon sehr gespannt, ob es auch wirklich hält was es verspricht!

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