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Set size: 8-piece

For everyone who loves clean: Discover our premium car wash set for the perfect hand wash. Ideal for cars and motorcycles and particularly gentle on sensitive surfaces.

✔ High-quality craftsmanship
✔ Durable & effective, perfect for car washing
✔ Available as a 5-piece or 8-piece professional set
✔ High-quality packaging (also ideal as a gift)

Exterior Experience Set BLACK EDITION

Discover two tailor-made versions for car care from 21CARS®. Choose between the compact 5-product set for car washing and the extensive 8-product set for washing and drying your vehicle. Each set offers a carefully selected collection of care products to optimally maintain your vehicle and bring it to a high shine. With our car care set, your vehicle will shine like new!

The ideal set for a Sunday car hand wash at home.

8-Piece Car Wash Set

Boost your vehicle’s shine with the exclusive BLACK EDITION Car Wash Set from 21CARS®. This set provides you with high-quality cleaning products and top-notch cleaning and drying towels for professional and flawless car care.

Included in the set:
1 × 21CARS® Wascheimer BLACK EDITION (16-liter capacity) including a wash bucket insert (dirt sieve) and Cross Bucket lid.
1 × Round Detailing Brush for wheel cleaning.
1 × 21CARS® Washing Glove
1 × 21CARS® Wash Brush (Lance) Cover
1 × 21CARS® Twisted Towel 1300 GSM
1 × 21CARS® Car Shampoo 500ml
1 × 21CARS® Insect Remover 200ml
1 × 21CARS® Wheel Cleaner 200 ml

5-Piece Car Wash Set

Achieve professional cleaning results for your car with the exclusive BLACK EDITION Car Wash Set from 21CARS® – ideal for deep and thorough cleanliness with high-quality cleaning products.

Included in the set:
1 × 21CARS® Wascheimer BLACK EDITION (16-liter capacity) including a wash bucket insert (dirt sieve) and Cross Bucket lid.
1 × 21CARS® Washing Glove
1 × 21CARS® Car Shampoo 500ml
1 × 21CARS® Insect Remover 200ml
1 × 21CARS® Wheel Cleaner 200 ml

Car Cleaner Pro

Bucket Set

The foundation for perfect car care is our robust and portable BLACK EDITION bucket with a 16-liter capacity. Additionally, you will receive a matching lid and a high-quality dirt sieve that reliably retains even the finest particles.

Washing & Cleaning

Remove even the most stubborn dirt and brake dust almost effortlessly with the 21CARS® shampoo, wheel cleaner, and insect remover. Spray the insect remover on before or after washing, let it sit briefly, and then simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Your car will shine like new!

Drying Made Easy

In our 8-piece set, you will find the Twisted Towel, perfect for drying your car after washing. Simply place the towel on the paint and gently pull it across. The drying towel absorbs water like magic and can hold up to 1.5 liters of liquid.


With our perfectly coordinated car cleaning set, you can efficiently and effortlessly take care of your vehicle. All necessary products are included, so you can make your car's exterior shine without additional products.

🌍 QUALITY DIRECT FROM EUROPE: Our products are user-friendly, economical to dose and use innovative manufacturing technologies.

Microfiber Products

🧼 Drying Towel

Our Twisted Towel sets new standards in vehicle drying. With unique, highly absorbent Twisted Pile fibers for rapid water absorption, this towel allows for efficient drying without residue, leaving a perfectly dry finish.

🧼 Wash Brush Cover

Forget about paint damage during car washes! Our 21CARS® microfiber protection cover for wash lances is the ideal solution for gentle and effective cleaning, specially designed for self-service car washes.

🧼 Washing Glove

The high-quality washing glove made from the finest microfibers effectively removes dirt and ensures gentle cleaning without scratches. The special fiber structure increases cleaning efficiency and protects surfaces from damage.

Customer Reviews

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Mario V.
super Produkte

Bin sehr zufrieden mit diesen Produkten

Thomas S.
Kauf Wascheimer Set.

Ausgesucht , via Twint gekauft, sofortige Bestätigung und zeitige Lieferung. Hat alles perfekt geklappt. Ware in Ordnung. Gern wieder.


Frequently asked questions about the product

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21CARS® car wash set for hand washing etc.

At a time when car care means more than just cleaning, 21CARS® is setting new standards with the BLACK EDITION car wash set. With well-thought-out components such as the BLACK EDITION wash bucket, the Snowball car shampoo or the Puffy Towel microfiber cloth, hand washing becomes a special experience. Regardless of whether you are looking for a car wash set for your car or a motorcycle wash set for your bike - this set meets the highest standards.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the washing set inspires both car and motorcycle enthusiasts as it is gentle on sensitive surfaces and is extremely durable and effective. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of vehicle care with 21CARS® and see for yourself the outstanding quality.

Discover the benefits of the 21CARS® car wash set

Each product in our car wash kit is carefully selected to provide the best possible care for your vehicle. The products are so easy to use that even beginners can achieve professional results.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only reflected in the selection of ingredients, but also in the environmentally friendly production of our products. With the 21CARS® car wash set, you are making a choice that respects the environment while increasing the performance and shine of your car or motorcycle. Invest in the 21CARS® car wash set and experience for yourself how uncomplicated and effective caring for your vehicle can be.